Intelligence taken to the limit

It eliminates interference, even at the limits of the TV band

Intelligence taken to the limit

A new concept of DTT antenna that eliminates any interference even in the limits of the TV band, combining a break-through design in a 100% stainless mechanical frame that houses the new generation of TForce electronics, featuring a revolutionary SAW filter.

Ellipse is an intelligent antenna that adapts automatically and in real time to the conditions signals are received. It has been designed to offer a stable and quality reception of DTT signals, optimizing the rejection of the LTE band thanks to a SAW filter that offers great selectivity.

You will be reassured by the INTELLIGENT ELECTRONICS, that secure optimum service rejecting any interference, even unexpected

Ellipse is hands down the best antenna for range of DTT coverage.

It receives the signal in multiple locations, whether the signal is strong or weak.

Ellipse is capable of adapting to ever-changing conditions for signal reception.

It is constantly checking the signal and autoadjusting its gain in order to always provide the best output level possible.

Ellipse eliminates any interference, even in the limits of the TV band.

Thank to its SAW filter, which performs a great selectivity, interferences are filtered, mainly the telephone LTE ones, respecting the last channel of the band.

The highest dynamic range

The highest dynamic range: it allows the reception of a quality signal in a variety of situations, detecting very weak signals and avoiding overload with high reception levels.

Optimal C/N

Optimal C/N: the signal quality is always preserved thanks to a very low noise figure.

Low consumption

Low consumption: in intelligent mode.

Optimal gain

Optimal gain: intelligence autoadjusts the gain to the optimal level.

SAW filter

SAW filter: The high-rejection SAW filter (Surface Acoustic Wave): it eliminates interferences, it protects the reception against future problems caused by changes in the environment.

You will be captivated by the INNOVATIVE DESIGN, with optimal compromise between reception quality and size

Specifically designed to get the most out of the new generation of TForce electronics.

  • Innovative and aerodynamic design. Unsurpassable aesthetics show a meticulous design and passion for detail.

  • The curved pannels optimise the reception by making a parabola effect. The convex surface maximises the screening of the dipole whilst the concave surface concentrates the received signal in the dipole.

You will be surprised by THE MECHANICS, completely immune to corrosion

  • Manufactured with oxidation-resistant materials. Aluminium structure, stainless steel screws, ABS with fibreglass and reinforced ZAMAK clamp with an anticorrosive core.

  • Suitable for any place. It stands without damaging itself in humid climates and maritime environments.

  • Size is reduced without reducing the features. Compact and light, it offers little wind load and ease the installation of it in complicated places.

You will experience the benefits of an seamless ASSEMBLY PROCESS, easy and fast

A robust and permanent fastening system that avoids malfunctioning over time.

All the installation is carried out with no tools required.

Quick assembly in less than 30 seconds for Ellipse and 1 minute for Ellipse Mix.

Ellipse (UHF)

Ellipse MIX (VHF+UHF)

You will be satisfied with MANUFACTURING QUALITY produced in state-of-the-art facilities

Manufactured in a fully automated production and verification line that ensures the highest level of performance guarantee.